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Thinking about Sardinia, its azure waters immediately spring to mind, and yet there is a wealth of discovery to be found in its interior, perhaps the most interesting part of an island considered a continent in its own right.

In a region replete with memories of its past, inhabited by four millennia, it is easy to stumble on one of its seven thousand nuraghi, the symbols of the island, enveloped by a mysterious shroud – such as the La Prisgiona nuraghe in Capichera or the Nuragic village in Tiscali – the deep gorges of Su Gorropu, the deepest canyon in Europe, in the Supramonte, and the tombs of giants, with a spectacular example being Coddu Ecchju.

After all, there must be a reason why Sardinia is called the “Stonehenge of the Mediterranean”. Being fascinated by this island is a must and we will share some of its secrets with you, a short distance from L’Ea Bianca.