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Living the sea

In a fabulous web of wonders, the sea in Sardinia casts its spell and conquers with its infinite palette of colours, from turquoise to emerald green, which is a treat for the eyes and a marvel for the soul.

Here, nature crafted proper gems, where fabulous scenarios, embedded within splendid crystal-clear waters, emerge in all their glory. Sunrises and sunsets are contemplated in silence, listening to the potency of the sea, admiring fabulous cliffs, works crafted by the time and the wind, this sweet and sometimes impetuous, inseparable friend of the island. The coast stretches for nearly two thousand kilometres, where fine sand beaches alternate with pebbles, sheer walls overlooking the sea and even a pink-sanded beach, on the island of Budelli, in the La Maddalena National Park, only 15 minutes from L’Ea Bianca.

Let’s go and discover a sensational marine biological heritage.