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Food and wine

A trip to the essence of Sardinia would not be complete without tasting its delicacies.

Here, food tells the story of the land and astonishes because of the high quality of its products, the preparation involved and the exceptional taste of the various dishes.

In a journey of discovery amid the authentic tastes of a sensational island, love for one’s land translates to love for food, as is the case with the preparation of bread, going back to the dawn of time.

A proper communal celebration with a series of flours and water that involves the entire family and produces various types of bread, from the north to the south.

Genuine, wholesome ingredients for pungent and equally delicate tastes, in a superb culinary journey.

And then it’s the Cannonau, a soft, full-bodied wine that boasts a native “genealogy”, already known more than three thousand years ago.

As the saying goes “Drink Cannonau and you will live for a hundred years”: will it be true? Let’s go and taste!