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Excursions by Car/Minivan/4x4

To discover the history and culture of Sardinia, here are some of the itineraries we offer for individual and group excursions:


Archaeology trip: half-day. “A trip back to the Bronze Age”

At around 13 km from the hotel, there are a full five of sites of great archaeological interest dating back to around 3500 years ago. The Prisgiona Nuragic Village, the Nuraghe Albucciu, the Giants' Tombs and the Tempietto of Malchittu will allow you to learn all about Bronze Age Sardinia.


Wine tasting: half day

Just a few minutes' drive from the hotel, you will visit the renowned SURRAU winery, with fascinating wine tastings and a visit to its Wine Boutique. The vineyards extend across 40 hectares, and you will have the opportunity to take a stroll through the vines and see the production facilities first-hand.


Visit to the local markets: half day

In the celebrated tourist towns and villages in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, such as Baja Sardinia, Cannigione, Porto Cervo and San Pantaleo, traditional craft markets are staged every day and sometimes in the evening. To view the up to date calendar, please contact Reception.


Quad trips: half day

We offer a different way to visit the Costa Smeralda, both on and off the road. Departing from Baia Sardinia, around 2 km from the hotel, we will make our way along tracks that meander between the summit of Monte Moro and Porto Cervo. Along the way, we'll stop off to spend some time on a wonderful beach.


Canoeing on Lake Liscia: half day

At around 50 km from the hotel, we'll go on an adventurous excursion by canoe along the banks of Lake Liscia, where the landscape is characterised by typical Mediterranean vegetation and lush lucombe oaks, which stand in stark contrast to the white granite. A great alternative to a day on the beach.


La Maddalena & Caprera by car: full day

After around 40 minutes' drive, we'll reach the port of Palau, from where a 20-minute ferry trip will take us to the island of La Maddalena; we'll visit the old town, with its charming boutiques and authentic restaurants. From here, we'll head towards the island of Caprera across a low-level bridge.


The island of Caprera is encompassed by the Maddalena Archipelago National park, a protected area of international significance. In particular, the marine section opposite Punta Rossa – a promontory at the south of the island – is an area that is afforded the highest level of environmental protection, and includes Andreani bay and Relitto beach. The eastern ridge of the island is an expanse that is protected in its entirety. There are numerous native species across the island.


In Caprera, we'll visit the Dolphin Research Centre, where important work is carried out to inform, educate and train adults and youngsters alike on the delicate nature of the environment. Through lectures, videos, panels and educational material, visitors are given the opportunity to learn all about dolphins, turtles and sharks.


Art & History: full day

This full-day excursion includes a visit to Calangianus, a “worldwide hub for the production and processing of cork“ with a stop off  at the craft workshop;  a trip to Tempio Pausania, the town famed for its multi-storey granite-and-clay palazzos; followed by a visit to the Olivastri Millenari, the oldest trees in Europe (which have been standing for more than 2000 years). We will then head for the Galluras Ethnographic Museum, which focuses on the history of the traditions and customs of the Gallura area.


The secrets of the Sardinian mountains: full day

Sardinia is not just about crystal-clear water and white, sandy beaches…! For those who want to learn about a more traditional side of Sardinia, we recommend a visit to the inland areas, which continue to embody the island's most ancient traditions: we will visit Nuoro, Orgosolo and Oliena, taking in the breathtaking panorama of the mountains of Supramonte and Gennargentu along the way. In the Valley of Lanaittu, surrounded by ancient oak trees, we will enjoy a typical shepherds' lunch.

Donnortei Park: full day

At around 160 km from the hotel, Donnortei Park is a natural oasis that was created in the late 1990s, in partnership with the WWF. It is of international importance in terms of the monitoring and safeguarding of certain species found nowhere else on the planet. It stretches from the foot of Mount Spada, at an altitude of 1200 meters, all the way to the immense valley of Aratu (at an altitude of 700m) and the river of the same name that runs through it.


The park offers horseback trails that can last for several hours along the myriad tracks, as well as lengthy excursions on quad bikes or mountain bikes, or in 4x4s, along the entire massif of Gennargentu. Traditional Sardinian specialities are served up at the farm-holiday complex within the park.


Barbagia 4x4 trip: full day

The Barbagia is a great mountainous region in central Sardinia, which extends along the sides of the Gennargentu massif. It is located around 160 km from the hotel.


We offer an enjoyable day in a 4x4 travelling through some of the most untainted areas of Sardinia, including 4x4 trips along the course of the Rio Cedrino and the Valle di Lanaitto, and guided tours to the Nuragic Village of Sos Carros. It was here that a well temple dating from 1000 BC was discovered, with architectural features that are unique within the Mediterranean basin.


We continue on to the Grotta di Sa Oche, before visiting the spectacular lakes of an underground river that is several miles long. We then make our way to the ancient Ovili dei Pastori, all the way to the well-known karst spring of Su Gologone, where we stop for lunch.


Alghero: full day. Catalan language and culture in Sardinia.

At around 200 km from the hotel, situated on the north-western coast of Sardinia, the place the locals call “L'Alguer” is a delightful city of great historical interest that was founded in 1102 by the Genoese Doria family, and from 1354 onwards was colonised by the Catalans for many years. These Spanish conquistadors left numerous indelible traces on Alghero, both on its architecture and on its language.

The city is renowned for the coral-working skills of the local artisans, and for the beautiful promenade on offer along the bastions, the harbour and the seafront.

  It all adds up to an enjoyable day out, taking in plenty of culture and the opportunity for some serious retail therapy. From the harbour, you can go on a trip to Neptune's Caves at Capo Caccia, which are just a 30-minute boat trip away.
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